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Newsletter of the Adelaide Jewish Museum – August 2002

Donations to the Museum

One of the goals of the Adelaide Jewish Museum is to collect and look after objects of Judaica, including documents and photographs of local Jewish history. As yet, I have not encouraged or solicited donations because we are still exploring the possibilities of a virtual museum. A museum that exists in cyber space has little need of a storeroom full of objects. However, thanks to the spontaneous generosity of some community members, we are slowly starting to build up a collection. When the Cohen family left Adelaide for Melbourne earlier this year, I managed to persuade Erez to donate the chanukiah that he had carved for his son out of bottlebrush wood and bottle tops. I can’t help but be charmed by the creative use of unusual materials for a utilitarian object skilfully made to perform one of the rituals of the religion.

When the Skaist family returned to Israel last month they donated their Pesach plate and a lovely embroidered Matzo cover to the Museum. Thanks to Allen Bolaffi, the Australia-Israel Chamber of Commerce purchased an item and donated it to the Museum. It is a beautiful museum quality hand-made and painted Chanukah menorah by contemporary Australian ceramicist Mary-Lou Pittard. We have also received a few donations of prayer and reference books.

Data Base
In accordance with standard museum practices of management and administration of a collection, works should be properly documented. Here, I am indebted to Leanda Altman for designing a perfect tailor-made database system for the museum.

Writers Workshop
Since another of the enduring ambitions of the Museum is to record oral and written stories of Jewish South Australia, I would once again like to promote the Writers Workshop that we are hosting on Sunday 25th August. A professional journalist and author, who will provide skills for story writing, will conduct it. The venue is Beit Shalom and the workshop will take place from 2 to 5pm.

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