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A magpie not only refers to a bird with a long tail, black plumage and white markings. It can also be used to describe someone who compulsively collects or hoards small objects. I am grateful to Terry Aizen for her magpie instincts; they are useful when it comes to museum displays. On display is a selection of her collection of Yom Tov cards over the past decade and more.

Unearthing Our History
Designed by Mark Turek, a student at Masada College
A prize winning entry in the art competition conducted by Youth Aliyah, Australia

Marjorie Luno, responding to the request for old cards in the Shalom Adelaide newsletter, donated a selection of New Year cards for the exhibit. Respecting privacy, I have not read the inscriptions, but enjoy the variety of decorative imagery used to wish one a Happy New Year.

Rene Bermeister also donated a selection of Jewish New Year cards, blank and still waiting to be used. Many of them have been painted by children from Jewish schools in Australia, sold in support of Youth Aliyah.

In the museum world, such cards may fall within the category of “ephemera”, meaning lasting but a day and referring to something transitory. I am hoping that there are people in the community who have collected rather than discarded their Yom Tov cards, and are willing to loan them for temporary display.