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Photographer: Patrick Page

The artist at work

Hillary Brenner is a well-known local artist and teacher of ceramic painting. She hand-paints a wide variety of ceramic objects, many of them can be used for the ritual observation of Pesach, Rosh Hashanah, Channukah, Shabbat and other festive occasions, expressing a passion for imagery representing aspects of the Jewish religion. Though some of the designs are repeated, each finished item is unique and bears her signature painted on the underside.

The objects are meticulously painted with great attention to detail. Indigenous Australian floral imagery is one of the artist’s favoured sources of inspiration – Eucalyptus, Banksias, Warratah and Frangipani are some of the imagery found on her work.

She undertakes commissions for personalizing objects for Bar mitzvah’s, Bat mitzvah’s and any other special occasion.

Channukiah featuring indigenous Australian floral imagery.


Packing the kiln

The process

Slip, liquid clay, is poured into a mold and left to harden. When leather hard it is removed from the mold, cleaned and painted with underglazes. The work then undergoes it’s first firing, called a bisque firing. After this a clear glaze is applied and fired again to produce the finished article.

Pesach plate

Apple and Honey set

Apple and Honey set


Large apple and honey platter

Horse-radish bowl

Shabbat platter

Shalom plaque

Agapanthus platter

The artist is contactable on 08 8365 4032 or through the Adelaide Hebrew Congregation, Flemington Road Glenside, where some of the work is on view.