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Newsletter of the Adelaide Jewish Museum – July 2002

New Year ephemera

Jewish New Year cards
When we moved from South Africa to Australia, I knew that I was going to regret throwing out my suitcase full of cards and letters that I had collected since I was a child. I never imagined that I would one day be involved with a Jewish Museum and eventually find a use for Yom Tov cards.

Theoretically, I wasn’t entirely misguided in getting rid of them because they fall within the category of ephemera and were not meant to last. In the world of collecting, ephemera means ‘lasting but a day’ and refers to anything transitory.

However, with hindsight, ephemera are valuable because they connect us to the past in the same way as a piece of furniture or object. Yom Tov cards could equally fall into the category of memorabilia. The meaning of memorabilia suggests that the object had a real life before fanciers thought to collect them.

With Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur not too far off, I’d like to plan a display for the Jewish New Year. I’m hoping that there are people in the community who collected old Yom Tov cards. Perhaps I could entice you to go through your memory boxes in search of cards and other ephemera that you would be willing to loan for a temporary display.

With the age of electronic email cards taking the place of the traditional Yom Tov ones, I suspect that I may never again build up a personal collection. If you sympathize with my plight, please feel free to post a New Year card to me!

Tree of Life – Consent for re-use of exhibition
You may remember the exhibition called “Tree of Life” organized by the community for the Migration Museum in 1999. Much research into the history of Jewish Adelaide went into the display. Since then, the text and photographic panels have been in storage.

I now wish to recreate this exhibition on the Adelaide Jewish Museum website as it is an incredible opportunity to add depth. In this way the Tree of Life lives again, and the museum website instantly gains much needed historical information.

The curators of the exhibition have agreed to its re-use. As it is too complicated to individually contact each member of the community whose family was represented on the display, I hereby use this opportunity to announce the intention to scan the exhibition for the website. If there is anyone who featured on the exhibition but does not wish to appear on the website, kindly contact me.

Writers Workshop
On Sunday 25th August the Adelaide Jewish Museum will be hosting a Writers Workshop conducted by journalist and author Katherine Goode. The workshop will provide skills to begin the process of writing stories. It will cover imagery, memory, and structuring a story, and will involve a brain storming session, a writing session, and a critique of the completed work.
Time: 2 – 5pm
Venue: Beit Shalom
Cost: $10 (includes refreshments)
Booking essential

For more information contact [email protected]