Community Collecting

At present the Adelaide Jewish Museum can be referred to as a virtual museum because it exists in cyberspace until such time as it is necessary to find a suitable physical venue to house the museum. Building up a collection of objects is a slow process. We intend to use the website as a forum for documenting interesting objects of Judaica within the community, as well as documents and general objects relating to the lives of the Adelaide Jewish community. In effect, community collecting is a solution to the problem of museum collecting: the museum collection exists externally, with community responsibility for looking after and insuring their own objects. The community is invited to submit images of items, photographs and documents in their personal collection together with captions for inclusion on the site.

July 2003 – Original Woodcut for the Shanghai Journal by D.L Bloch

March 2004 – Pesach plate – Aizen family

March 2004 – Channukah Menorah – Bermeister

March 2004 – Pesach plate – Cohen family

March 2004 – Ritual brass bowl

March 2004 – Channukah menorah – Trubik

March 2004 – Kiddush cups

March 2004 – Migration Museum banner