Migration Museum banner

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A number of banners are on display at the entrance to the Migration Museum produced for the first project called Memories and Dreams, when the Museum opened in 1986. South Australians were invited to make a banner of their migration history. People from 30 communities designed, cut, sewed and embroidered the banners, reflecting the richness of South Australia’s cultural diversity. Each one depicts memories of the homeland and dreams and hopes for life in the new country.

The Jewish banner was made by Raya (signed Raya and dated ?86).
Description: The walls and towers of Jerusalem symbolize the spiritual focus of the Jewish people. The Star of David is placed on South Australia in a map of ‘the golden medina’, a term used to describe Australia. The menorah, candelabra, emerges from the map and is filled with symbols stressing important aspects of Judaism. The complete effect is a reminder that in Australia, Jewish migrants found freedom while maintaining the bonds essential to their religion.