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Newsletter of the Adelaide Jewish Museum – Ocotber 2004

Jewish Adelaide

Over the next couple of months, one of my primary focus areas will be to get the new Jewish Adelaide website up and running. Independent of the Jewish Museum website, the purpose of the Jewish Adelaide website is to give visitors information about Adelaide from a Jewish perspective. Visitors to the website could be potential travelers or perhaps even Jewish families looking at settling in Australia. For this reason, it’s a logical place to advertise what makes Adelaide such a special place.

On this website I will create a photographic record of the events we have here in Adelaide to show the outside world just what a ‘happening’ community we really are. I would also like to publicize as many Jewish charities, societies and services as there are operating in Adelaide, so please feel free to contact me with information and links to your charity, society or service etc. If your group does not have a website, then this is an ideal place to inform the public of what you have to offer. I will also be fleshing out some of the existing areas on the website and updating any out of date information.

With that in mind, why not have a look at the current Jewish Adelaide website and give me your feedback on how I can turn it into a window, showing the world all the good things about our lifestyle here in Adelaide.

Digital Camera

Because of the virtual nature of the museum, photographs and words are all I can use to share the many treasures of Adelaide’s Jewish Community. I am currently loaning a digital camera from a very generous soul, but would greatly appreciate it if anyone out there is able to donate a digital camera to the museum. It would be used to record exhibitions, events, items of interest that cannot be kept by the museum and it will also be taken to interviews to enhance the family histories that I am in the process of collecting.

New on the Museum Website

Look out this month for Miriam and Leon Zimmet’s presentation “The March of the Living”. It will be found in the “Book of Life” section of the museum Photographs of the recent Shabbat exhibition can be found in the “What’s On” section of the website and I am also hoping to add Rob Nachum’s story to the “Book of Life” Family histories section this month.


The Project Abraham Exhibition kicks off on the 12th of October for six weeks at the migration museum. As well as presenting the Project Abraham seminars, there will be a display focusing on the areas of similarity between Judaism and Islam. You will even find some Hebrew calligraphy done by Rabbi Engel — it seems Rabbi Engel has a creative side we didn’t know about!!

Contact Me

I’d love to share your stories and ideas for the Museum…

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Yours Sincerely

Leanda Altman